Donald Trump, the 2020 Election and End Time Bible Prophecy

In May of 2016, I wrote an article predicting that Donald Trump would win the 2016 election. This of course was contrary to all the major polls predicting that Hillary Clinton would win the election. In spite of these polls, I continued to remain steadfast in my belief that Donald Trump would win the election. On November 9th, the world was astounded by a victorious Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States.

Those that I spoke to about this, and those who read my article were amazed that I was right in my prediction when everyone thought Donald Trump would lose. How did I know? Why did I think Donald J Trump would win?

The answer is simple - Bible prophecy. Although the names of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are not specifically mentioned in the Bible, the Bible does give us clues about what the world will look like during the end times. Using these clues, we can infer the likely outcome of the election. The same is true of the 2020 election.

Today is December 14, 2020 and the electors are currently casting their votes for president, and it appears to be a loss for Donald Trump. Although he has been fighting heroically to ensure a legitimate election, he does not appear to have much success in his legal battles to date -- at least according to the Main Stream Media. Despite all of the odds against Donald Trump, my prediction is that he will in fact win the 2020 election. Am I insane? That depends on who you talk to! But all joking aside, I believe that we can use Bible prophecy to infer the winner just like we did in 2016. One of the major differences between the 2020 and the 2016 elections is that in 2016, we only had Trump’s promises to rely on, and in 2020 we can look to his actions during his first term. This will give us much needed insight to accurately infer the likely winner of the 2020 election. To do this is crucial to understand the structure of the end time governments and the role they will play.

End Time World Government Structure

Let’s start by gaining an understanding of the end time government structures and their roles. 

In Daniel 7, Daniel has a dream where he sees 4 beasts:

  • A lion with eagle’s wings
  • A Bear
  • A Leopard with the wings of a fowl and four heads
  • A dreadful beast with iron teeth

Daniel did not understand what he was seeing, so he asked an angel what the beasts represented. In Daniel 7:17 we are given the answer

17 These great beasts, which are four, are four kings [kingdoms], which shall arise out of the earth.

In other words, they were nations that had not formed yet, but that would come to be in the future. These nations have come and are on the Earth today. Countries use animal symbols to represent them. Everyone knows the Eagle is the animal symbol of America. But what about the other nations? The Lion is the Symbol of Great Britain, the Bear is the symbol of Russia, the Leopard is the symbol of Germany, and the rooster (which is a fowl) is the symbol of France. Interestingly, each of these nations, with the exception of Germany, is a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). As such, these countries are the most powerful nations on earth when it comes to writing international policy.

There is ample evidence of the identity of each of these beasts, but it is outside of the scope of this article. Please read my article titled “Prophecy Fundamentals: The Beasts of Daniel 7” for much more information on this topic.

I want to move now to Revelation 13 where John depicts a beast that is comprised of the same beasts that we saw from Daniel Chapter 7. Understanding that these beasts represent nations, these nations have been united into a single beast, or a single one-world government. Today, we call this entity of nations that have united, the United Nations. We are witnessing the formation of the end-time one-world government before our very eyes.

What is very interesting to point out is that this one-world government fails to mention the eagle’s wings. Instead, in Revelation 12:14, we see the wings of a great eagle protecting the woman (Israel). All of the other beasts from Daniel 7 are part of the one-world government, but the wings of the Eagle are found protecting Israel. I believe that this is an indication that the United States will withdraw from the United Nations, or at least not be a cooperative member with the one-world government agenda.

Donald Trump’s First Term

Now that we have gained some understanding of the structure of the end time governments and their roles, we can look to Donald Trump’s first term to see what he actually stands for by the actions he has taken thus far.

Donald Trump is an avid supporter of Nationalism. He truly believes that each country should look out for its own best interest when forging any relationships, treaties, trade deals etc… Each country is its own sovereign nation and makes its own decisions about how it will operate. This is in complete opposition to the concept of Globalism where countries give up sovereignty for the strengthening of the world government, and where each country must obey the edicts of the world government.

Throughout his first term, he has been slowly but actively removing us from various World Governing bodies and treaties. Here is a list of just some of the organizations and agreements Trump has removed the United States from

  • WHO
  • TPP
  • Paris Climate Accords
  • Iran Nuclear Deal
  • Global Compact for Migration
  • He has significantly weakened the WTO
  • He has significantly weakened NATO

As I predicted in 2016, Trump has removed us from many world governing bodies. I believe this is exactly the direction that the Bible implies that the United States will go since the Eagle’s wings are not mentioned in the United Beast from Revelation 13. Instead, The United States appears to be portrayed as protecting Israel from the World Government.

Support for Israel

In addition to Trump removing us from these agreements and organizations, he has been a steadfast supporter of Israel – again, one of the predictions I made from my 2016 article. Donald Trump has done things that many other presidents promised but never fulfilled -- the most significant was the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. When Trump made the announcement, the world was shocked, and there was an outcry from the Palestinians and many nations around the world. But soon after, other countries began also recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. This was a historic action taken by Donald Trump. 

In his first days in office, he immediately began working on a peace agreement to help finally resolve the decades old conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis. For decades, presidents have been trying to resolve this conflict and to date no one has succeeded. However, we know that there will ultimately be a peace treaty between the Palestinians and Israel as prophesied in the Bible. (Read my article here for more information on this topic: Middle East Turmoil: Fertile Soil for Israeli Peace Treaty? ) Because Donald Trump is known as the Master Deal Maker, I predicted that he may be the one to successfully craft the prophesied peace agreement.

Although there has not been an established peace agreement between the Palestinians and the Israelis yet, Donald Trump has yet again proven his expertise in deal making by flipping the peace process on its head. Historically, presidents had hoped to establish a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians, and then bring in the rest of the Arab world afterwards. This had never proven successful because the Palestinians would ultimately object and appeal to the other Arab nations. Donald Trump recognized the pattern and so he worked backwards. Instead, he is attempting to bring in the rest of the Arab world, and then utilize the pressure from the other Arab nations to bring the Palestinians to the table. It is a genius idea, and as of the date of this writing, four separate Arab nations have already signed peace treaties with Israel as part of the “Abraham Accords”. This is truly historic! In the past 70 years, there had only been two Arab nations that formally established ties with Israel; Jordan and Egypt. Then in the past four months, four Arab nations formally established ties with Israel, and there are talks of several more Arab nations joining in the near future. Amazing to say the least!


As we can see, Donald Trump is definitely moving us in direction the Bible implies that we will in order match the picture that Bible prophecy paints for us. 

This is in stark contrast to the direction his opponent Joe Biden promises he will move the United States. He is a strong supporter of globalism and believes 110% in the world government. He has promised to bring us back into the World Governing bodies and agreements that Trump has removed us from. He is currently establishing one of the most anti-Israel cabinets to date, and he does not have the trust of the Israeli people, nor their leaders because he has a history of stabbing Israel in the back. I am attempting to find scenarios that could play out with a Biden presidency that would paint the picture that Bible prophecy paints for us, but it is difficult to imagine how a Biden presidency would get us there.

Given that Donald Trump is removing us from International bodies and agreements, that he is an ardent supporter of Israel in ways no other president has been, and that these actions certainly move us in the direction the Bible implies we will be move, we can surmise that Donald J Trump will likely win the 2020 election. I know as of the writing of this article, the chances of Donald Trump remaining president seem slim. However, I believe that there must be something that happens that will result in the election of Donald Trump because he is leading the United States in exactly the direction the Bible says that we will be headed during the time of the Great Tribulation which appears to be just around the bend.

So I predict that Donald Trump will win albeit I have no idea how that will happen given that all of the odds are against him right now. I know it looks impossible, but it may just be that God himself has a surprise up His sleeve…

Ultimately, Bible prophecy will be fulfilled regardless who is elected and it will end up exactly like the Bible says it will. And if Joe Biden ends up winning after all, we will just need to wait and see how things play out to see how the prophecies end up being fulfilled. 

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