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These lessons will help you to grow in Christ by learning more about His Word.

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  • Children of God on 7/8/2017 by Chris Tremblay

    We will address the lie that we frequently hear that says that we are all children of God. This is not true, and we will show this through the Truth of the Word of God -- And show how to become one of God's children.
  • A Nation in Distress: It Is Time to Rise Up on 1/19/2017 by Chris Tremblay

    America is a nation in distress. It is time for Christians to rise up by dropping to our knees in prayer and humbling ourselves.
  • Baptism in the Name of Jesus Christ on 10/6/2016 by Chris Tremblay

    There is a lot of confusion in the church today about how to properly baptize people because of seemingly different commands in Acts and Matthew. In this article we will discuss these two verses to make them make sense.
  • Jesus: The Most Dangerous Idol on 5/3/2015 by Chris Tremblay

    This article goes over what I believe to be one of the most dangerous idols that exists. This is not your ordinary article on idolatry in the form of money, material possessions, etc... There is a much more dangerous idol that we are all at risk of worshiping if we are not careful and diligent in seeking Jesus and letting His Holy Spirit lead us. Learn the identity of this idol in this article and learn how to stay away from the worship of this idol.

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